Awareness and training in accessible online content and design

The digital world is a rapidly changing environment that all of us increasingly rely upon, but for people living with disability much of the Internet remains inaccessible. The Centre for Accessibility has developed a free, highly accessible online resource to promote and respond to digital access.

The role of the Centre is to empower the Accessibility movement and encourage the government sector and digital content developers to implement accessibility when designing online resources. The project will connect our target audience with accessibility experts, to experience what it’s like to use assistive technologies along with creating a meeting point between developers and the people who benefit from and require accessible design.

Currently, there are two main services: training for organisations or sectors; and individual consultancy or advice to organisations by Dr Scott Hollier.

To find out more about what the Centre can offer your organisation, or how you could partner with them, visit their Centre’s website.

Launched in 2018, the Centre for Accessibility is a joint project by Media on Mars, DADAA and Dr Scott Hollier and is funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services.


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