about this workshop

Sound design is now available at both Fremantle and Midland, with professional musicians and sound artists working with participants to learn this skill and artform.

Sound design can be used either as part of your interest in music, or in film-making, or just in the artform itself.

Whatever your interest, you will learn how to capture, edit and use environmental, voice or musical sounds to create a unique stand-along work or mix with other artforms.

Sound can also be used as a means of telling your own story that is part of a filmed, photographic or musical work.

You can develop a project working 1:1 with an experienced sound artist or as part of a small group.

Venue: DADAA Fremantle and DADAA Midland
Days and Times: Contact us for more information


Home page image credits (in order of appearance): 1. Photographer Cam Campbell 2. Photographer Terry Matthews 3. Photographer Matt Reid 4. Artwork Desmond Woodley 5. Photographer Cam Campbell

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