about this workshop

New in 2019, Digital Transitions will see 40 people living in group accommodation introduced to digital technologies. Over a 40-week period, each participant will receive two hours a week of one-to-one and/or small group-based mentorship to learn the basics of touchpad technologies and related artforms.

Skill development will range from basic use of a digital device, to learning new apps, to using technology to create unique artworks. Drrawing, painting, mixed media, performance, music and digital animation are all possibilities for artists to explore their creativity and share their stories and plan continued practice.

The Digital Transitions project is a partnership with the Department of Communities. It is not open to enrolment.


Home page image credits (in order of appearance): 1. Photographer Cam Campbell 2. Photographer Terry Matthews 3. Photographer Matt Reid 4. Artwork Desmond Woodley 5. Photographer Cam Campbell

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