Most programs at DADAA lead to opportunities for exhibition of works. These take place in all three of our key locations: Fremantle, Midland and Lancelin. Exhibitions are also arranged at iconic arts and cutural locations in the community – most commonly, the Midland Junction Arts Centre for Midland-based artists. Exhibitions can be as part of a group or solo.

Exhibiting your work is an important part of your development as an artist.  It can encourage you to complete projects or to explore a concept, theme or interest in a number of related ways. It can push you further as an artist.

For artists with disability, sharing work can be a way of giving voice to who you are through a format you love. To audiences who view your work, this can be an opportunity for them to learn about you, your experiences and your talents.

Of course, exhibiting usually means your work is for sale, and DADAA supports artists to achieve sales as part of an exhibition.


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