why arts and disability?

Arts and disability, or disability arts, is a growing field that recognises the important role that arts and cultural engagement can play not only in the lives of people with disability but in re-shaping social attitudes and political change around disability and social justice. Much of this comes from the powerful role that art plays as a form of expression – giving people with disability a voice and a means of being heard. The field also focuses on providing access, more broadly, to people with disability as makers and as audiences of creative works and performances. In everything it does, DADAA prides itself on providing innovative and  contemporary responses to arts and disability practice.


With its framework of artistic vibrancy and social inclusion, community arts and cultural development (CACD) is effective in facilitating the social inclusion of people living with disability or a mental illness, or who experience other forms of social, political or economic disadvantage. The transformative process of members within the same community creating a single or related artworks has been demonstrated in many studies to improve individual wellbeing and enhance connectedness. DADAA works from a CACD perspective, with the organisation’s daring approach to arts and disability leading to the ongoing development of new ways of working.

Watch this short film about how being part of DADAA has improved individual wellbeing.


DADAA offers targeted arts and cultural programs that include a broad range of traditional and new media projects in almost 50 Western Australian communities.

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