Time & Date

7–9pm (every 20 minutes)
From: Friday, 16 Mar 2018
To: Saturday, 17 Mar 2018

About the Event

Deaf Artist Peter Blockey has collaborated with Steve Paraskos and Lex Randolph to take one of his poems and create a sound art installation that gives the audience a deaf cultural experience. Supported by DADAA and an arts grant from the Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries, Peter and the artistic team have translated Peter’s poem, Alone in a Silent World, into an intimate multimedia encounter that will resonate for audiences.

This event is a chance for deaf and hearing audiences to engage with this innovative trial, and provide Peter with your thoughts, comments and feedback. Peter invites you to try out this experience on one of the two nights of presentations at DADAA’s Boys School in Fremantle. There are six 20-minute showings each night, between 7 and 9pm, and we invite you to book in to one of the 20-minute slots.

Artist Statement

The Deaf community is a culturally rich community with a lot to share. We have our own unique language, hidden gifts and skills that need to be nurtured and encouraged to flourish. The view of the world through the eyes of the Deaf people is unique. A visual language, Auslan is a beautiful language to watch. Unlike the spoken language which are one dimensional, Auslan is a multidimensional language utilising spatial fields, emotional expression and regular language syntax to convey meaning.

It’s my dream that theatre, created and performed in Auslan will express the view of the Deaf world and its stories. This project is important to me now, prior to technology such as SMS, video and the internet, my experience was that many of us deaf community live in a shell. I have been lost/disconnected from the wider community. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of my world.

Dates and times

Friday 16 March and Saturday 17th March
Twenty minute showings: 7pm, 7.20pm, 7.40pm, 8pm, 8.20pm, 8.40pm

These are small group showings, so please email or call 0414195965 to book into a timeslot.


Home page image credits (in order of appearance): 1. Photographer Cam Campbell 2. Photographer Terry Matthews 3. Photographer Matt Reid 4. Artwork Desmond Woodley 5. Photographer Cam Campbell

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