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Using digital storytelling to connect people with intellectual disability.

The stARTSPEAK project is an innovative digital inclusion initiative led by people with disability. The project builds community narratives using digital technology and develops processes and outcomes that create new – and enhance existing – inclusion opportunities. Launched in 2012, the project has seen a range of initiatives designed and developed, including:

  • Touchpad app: Developed by Inkubator in partnership with high-support needs participants, arts workers and stARTSPEAK project manager, this app is currently being tested and will be launched in December 2013. It provides a new way of engaging people with disability in arts and cultural activities.
  • Touchpad training: DADAA commenced touchpad training in partnership with the Independent Living Centre in 2012 for 57 people with high-support needs and support staff in Victoria Park, South Perth and Canning. In 2013, another 41 participants and their support staff in Gosnells and Belmont were trained. Currently, 11 people are being trained through a partnership with Challenger TAFE in the City of Melbille.
  • Cultural activities: a number of community-based arts activities supported artistic development and social inclusion of stARTSPEAK artists.
  • Community engagement: local, national and international engagement strategies are being put into place to ensure effective marketing and dissemination of the stARTSPEAK project and its products.

The project is a collaboration between DADAA, the Disability Services Commission, the Independent Living Centre and Inkubator. These organisations will also work in partnership with the Department for Communities, the Department for Training and Workforce Development, and several local governments across metropolitan Perth.

For more information, visit the stARTSPEAK website.

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