NO FIXED ADDRESS starts in 2019 and will see DADAA collaborate with St Patrick’s Community Support Centre over a 12-month period.

Th project builds on DADAA’s Field of the Unwanted project that took place in the East End of Fremantle during 2018, and will be a step towards a growing body of projects, digital works and installations that result in new narratives from the diverse communities that inhabit this radically changing part of Fremantle.

A digital component to the project will enable participants – through drawing, photography, sound recording and film – to frame their own individual stories. The process will allow participants to take control of their identities, self-direct and re-frame their sense of self, both questioning and challenging public and common perceptions of homelessness and mental health. New film works will be presented in a series of final public screenings, exhibitions and/or installations. The project will be led by filmmaker and artist Lincoln McKinnon, alongside emerging digital and film artist Michael Moshos.

In addition, Perth-based contemporary artists Olga Cironis and Dan McCabe will collaborate with the St Pat’s community to develop and deliver new socially engaged projects and artworks which creatively explore ideas of precarity, resilience, survival and the ‘home’. The project includes workshops, new artworks and installations presented in public sites throughout the East End precinct.

NO FIXED ADDRESS aims to support a community of at least 30 individuals.


Home page image credits (in order of appearance): 1. Photographer Cam Campbell 2. Photographer Terry Matthews 3. Photographer Matt Reid 4. Artwork Desmond Woodley 5. Photographer Cam Campbell

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