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Gary Parris

Gary Parris


Photographer Gary Parrish exhibits works that ask who we are as individuals and as a collective. Working in digital photography, digital media, mixed media and classical mediums, Gary aims to raise questions of identity, belonging and the human journey. His work addresses the mental challenges we face both personally and as a society. A number of Gary's works feature a diamond and heart symbology, which he has been formulating in a unique way for the past several years. According to Gary:

I see the diamond as holding the many facets of our personality; others may see some of our facets, but not all of them. Sometimes the light within shines out, sometimes it reflects the light and colour of others back at them. And where there is light, there is also a darker facet we dare not share – dependent on who we are interacting with. The heart represents our soul, our empathy and our love.

To find out more about Gary's work or to purchase works, contact gallery@dadaa.org.au

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