Green Brigade is DADAA’s current long-term interventionist art program. The program sees a fluid group of artists engage with the urban setting of Fremantle by using  green installations, practices and graffiti to consider ways of shifting our sense of ownership and belonging in the community.

Over the long term, Green Brigade will work toward growing its numbers and membership, encouraging more people to enter the spaces of their own neighbourhoods, and take ‘ownership’ through creative and socially inquisitive activity.


Fields of the Unwanted is the first project to take place under the ‘Green Brigade’ banner. Fields of the Unwanted is commissioned by International Art Space as part of the Know Thy Neighbour #2 program, and presented in partnership with DADAA.

In developing the concept for Fields of the Unwanted, group conversation turned to weeds, with one participant stating: ‘weeds are just plants that grow where they are not wanted’. Artists considered the way in which this insight has parallels to society – especially to the way in which people are valued differently, contributing to social inclusion or exclusion.

Field of the Unwanted sees DADAA Creative Producer Chris Williams work with eight artists to make a field of the unwanted, a garden of weeds. The group has been given access to a site on Queen Victoria Street (between St Pat’s and Toy World), thanks to Fremantle Foundary who owns the plot.

The site has been cleaned up, new soil has been delivered, and participants have begun planting dandelion, thistles, chickweed and other plants typically considered to be weeds. The group will tend an ordered garden, gather the seeds, design seed packaging, share information on growing them and their little known uses. Arts and community activities will also be held at the garden.

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