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Healthway has been a core funder of DADAA for many years, and provides funding primarily for DADAA's Production programs. In addition to nurturing individual artists, this funding also helps to support the Freight Gallery, located at DADAA in Fremantle.

Healthway supports DADAA under its Arts Sponsorship scheme, which aims to promote health and wellbeing by way of artistic and cultural engagement at the community level. This funding has enabled DADAA to develop robust programs throughout Western Australia targeted at people living with a disability or a mental illness.

Healthway has also funded international visiting artists and academics to DADAA, under its Visiting Fellowship scheme. The scheme has seen international experts, including Professor Michael White from the University of Durham, spend an extended period of time working collaboratively with government and community arts organisations in efforts to exchange ideas and develop best practice in the arts and health sectors. In the past, Healthway funded the Disseminate project, through its link to the Health Promotion Evaluation Unit based at The University of Western Australia and led by Professor Michael Rosenberg.

Healthway's sponsorship promotes the Be Active message. Physical inactivity is recognised as an important risk factor for ill health in Western Australia, and is a key driver of the overweight and obesity epidemic. This sponsorship offers a range of opportunities to increase physical activity and improve health by promoting the Be Active message.

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