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Disability Services Commission

Disability Services Commission

The State Government's Disability Services Commission supports a number of DADAA's programs for people with intellectual disability who live in supported accommodation across the Perth metropolitan area.

The Lost Generation Project partnership between DADAA and the Disability Services Commission's Accommodation Services Directorate (DSC ASD) began ten years ago, with the commitment to work together to engage the Western Australian community in the lives of adults with intellectual disability living in government accommodation. This partnership has brought to fruition numerous CACD projects that have facilitated the social inclusion of people with intellectual disability in the Perth metropolitan area. These projects include:

  • Recreate: Early CACD workshops and exhibitions
  • The Lost Generation Project: A film project giving people with intellectual disability a voice in their community
  • Multi Modal Project: A digital storytelling project for people with intellectual disability.

DSC also supports Midland's Participation program, with funding enabling artistic skill development, exhibition opportunities and curatorial experience that enhance the social inclusion of people with intellectual disability.

Other 2012 strategic projects in which DSC is a key partner include the State Arts and Disability Survey and Exhibition Project, and the Eastern Region Arts and Health Network.

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