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Department of Culture and the Arts

Department of Culture and the Arts

The State Government's Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA) supports DADAA's Production program, which strives for artistic excellence by seeking to provide a supportive environment that fosters the artistic growth and empowerment of people with disability or mental illness. Funding from DCA allows both for continuity of practice for many artists and for exploring innovative approaches to arts as a means of enhancing dialogue and challenging audiences. DCA funding enables DADAA to offer programs across a broad range of art forms, and to ensure the production of new work that targets new audiences and has broad public outcomes.

In 2011, DADAA and DCA partnered with the Bay of Islands Community Outreach in Esperance to establish the mult-year Emergence Project that will address systemic mental health issues in the local community.

DCA is also a core partner – with DSC and DADAA – in the State Arts and Disability Survey and Exhibition Project, which will result in a curated statewide survey of 15 outstanding WA artists with disability later in 2012. The newly formed Eastern Region Arts and Health Network also includes DCA as a key partner, as does the 4th Annual Arts and Health Australia Conference – to be held in Fremantle in November this year.

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