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Community Arts and Cultural Development

Promoting artistic vibrancy and social inclusion.

Community arts and cultural development (CACD) is a model of arts and health that aims to facilitate the social inclusion of people living with a disability or a mental illness, or who experience other forms of social, political or economic disadvantage. The practice sees arts and cultural activities occuring in a variety of ways, from broad community-based workshops to individual artist development initiatives.

Most CACD organisations, such as DADAA, work in partnership with local communities in order to target specific community needs and to ensure real outcomes. Partnerships might include local government, peak arts and health bodies, local arts or community centres, or individual professional artists. The most successful CACD projects are those that can stimulate artistic innovation and vibrancy, and use the arts to enhance community wellbeing.

In Australia, several key CACD organisations are funded through the Australia Council for the Arts Community Partnerships program.

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