achieve your dreams

DADAA supports artists to develop professionally and to realise their dreams however big or small.

To support you on your journey as an artist, we offer a range of programs at all levels so that you can progress as an artist as you learn and build your skills.

In addition to the weekly workshops listed in the Community Studios section of this website, we offer advanced or customised arts activities. These could include:

  • one-to-one mentoring
  • masterclasses with national and international professional artists
  • exhibitions at DADAA and other galleries
  • online broadcast and performance opportunities for digital works
  • connections to the professional arts community in Perth, Western Australia and the Eastern States.

goal planning

If you join DADAA with NDIS funding, you will outline your goals as an artist as part of your initial planning. We offer this and extended planning options as part of our standard Client Services.

In addition, at certain other times in your journey as an emerging, established or professional artist, it can be important to take the time to plan exactly how you might achieve a specific dream or ambition that you have. DADAA staff and peer artists can work with you to think through your dreams and goals, and to figure out the smaller practical steps that can take you there.

You can link to this blog by performer Julia Hales (featured also in the image above) on the goal planning work that she does. Julia’s use of long-term goal planning helped her put into place small stepping stones as part of a bigger dream to be on the TV series, Home and Away. Julia will be on stage as part of the Perth Festival, in her own show called You Know We Belong Together.

If you have a big artistic dream and think goal planning would be useful to you, talk to us about setting up goal planning sessions.

Festival Connect: transforming arts and disability in Western Australia

DADAA is in the fourth year of a partnership with Perth Festival. Aiming high, this four-year collaboration seeks to transform the place of artists and performers with disability in Western Australia. Bringing high-profile international artists and directors with disability to Perth during 2016 and 2017 provided unprecedented artistic training and exchange for Western Australian and other Australian artists with and without disability.

View activities from each year below:

2016: Claire Cunningham: masterclass in dance and performance

2017: Jenny Sealey residency in theatre and performance

2018: You Know We Belong Together


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