Working towards larger social and political goals of cultural democracy, DADAA offers services that are designed to enhance access to arts and cultural activity for artists and audiences with disability.

Enhancing accessibility often starts with raising staff awareness, with disability awareness training a good first step. However, there are a range of additional approaches and, increasingly, new technologies that can facilitate access to arts and cultural experiences.

DADAA has worked with arts organisations and festivals to deliver training and consultation around the embedding of accessibility into artistic work. This work has been further informed by Graeae Artistic Director Jenny Sealey as part of the 2017 Perth Festival/DADAA workshop The Aesthetics of Access.

DADAA is able to offer either direct services, advice or referrals in access services. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your needs.

DADAA acknowledges our partnerships with organisations that work collaboratively towards promoting accessibility in the arts – VisAbility, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth Festival, Perth Theatre Trust, State Theatre Centre of WA and Access2Arts.


DADAA offers targeted arts and cultural programs that include a broad range of traditional and new media projects in almost 50 Western Australian communities.

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